Quality Materials


Alpha 1 Induction Service Center, Inc.

1525 Old Alum Creek Drive, Columbus, OH 43209

  • Phone: 614-253-8900


  • Electrical grade copper windings with the appropriate wall thickness for the application.
  • A variety of dielectric coatings to accommodate a multitude of operational voltage and temperature requirements. From fluidized bed applied epoxy to high temperature electrical insulating spray varnish. Additional insulation via silicon rubber, B-stage tape or insulation sleeving.
  • Non-Ferrous water cooled rails (coated with Alpha 1’s patent pending process) and connectors.
  • Cast ID’s coated with green coat for additional sealing of the refractory.
  • Stainless steel needle reinforced cast refractory materials or high temperature plaster mix.
  • Machined or cast refractory coil end boards and assembly components.

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