Forging Coils

Manufactured and repaired to the highest standards using quality materials.

ALPHA 1 built its reputation by providing world-class coil repair. Be it 60-Cycle, Solenoid, Pigeon Hole, Channel, Oval, or any other forging-type induction coil, ALPHA 1 provides solutions to enhance longevity and performance. All repaired coils are stripped to bare copper.

Additionally, ALPHA 1 manufactures coils using the most advanced techniques and materials available.


Alpha 1 Induction Service Center, Inc.

1525 Old Alum Creek Drive, Columbus, OH 43209

  • Phone: 614-253-8900


  • Insulated Copper Windings
  • Machined or Cast Refractory End Boards
  • Studded Turns to provide enhanced support
  • Common Mounting Frame design

Dielectric Coatings

ALPHA 1 also offers a wide range of dielectric coatings for new and repaired coils to accommodate your specific voltage and temperature ratings including:

  • Flexible
  • Standard & High Temperature Epoxies
  • Nylon
  • Spray Varnish
  • Silicon Rubber & B-Stage Tapes.
Fluidized Bed Coating
Fluidized Bed Coating