Company Information

Alpha 1 Induction Service Center:  Shaping the Future of Induction Technology

After almost 20 years in business, Alpha 1 Service Center has forged quite a reputation when it comes to induction technology.

Founded in November 1988 as a company specializing in the repair and service of induction equipment, Alpha 1 is now a premier coil repair and service provider to users of induction heating equipment, particularly in the forging industry. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Alpha 1’s primary mission is to get their customers back into operating condition as quickly as possible when problems arise.

Alpha 1, which was acquired by Inductotherm Group in July 1991, specializes in the design, manufacture and repair of all types of induction coils and transformers – regardless of manufacturer.

Housed in a newly remodeled facility with 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Alpha 1 has plenty of on-site equipment and capabilities. They have a complete CAD engineering department, modern machine shop with CNC machining centers, welding and fabrication center, electrical repair laboratory, insulation coating area and a large, well-stocked inventory of spare parts for induction heating equipment.

Being part of Inductotherm Group, which is made up of 40 companies, definitely has its benefits. In cooperation with the group’s Mass Heating Division, Alpha 1 builds coil-stand assemblies, material-handling equipment and control equipment for the 40- to 60-ton/hour mini-mill market. Alpha 1’s extensive experience in the forging industry makes them an ideal fit to provide the reliable, heavy-duty equipment required.

Alpha 1 is continuously improving and expanding. The company is currently manufacturing stainless steel hard-faced, water-cooled billet and bar rails utilizing a robotic-plasma-applied tungsten/stellite/cobalt coating – a patent-pending process. Alpha 1 also recently acquired the assets and engineering of The Clarke Tool & Equipment Company (Clark Tool & Design), which added the rotary billet feeder to their list of products.

Alpha 1 does not take customer service and aftermarket support lightly. In addition to offering the latest materials and techniques for all their customers, they also offer both customer training and preventative maintenance programs. In the near and distant future, Alpha 1 plans on continuing to do what they do best – providing quick turnaround when it comes to repairs and service.