Aftermarket Service & Support

Alpha 1 Induction’s technical service team offers the industry’s highest level of Aftermarket Service & Support for when you need it the most.


Customers benefit from our highly skilled on-site field service engineers and our 24/7 technical support.

Field Service Engineers

All of our technicians have a minimum of an associates degree in electronics engineering and are further trained specifically in the Inductotherm Group brand products: Alpha 1, Inductoheat, IHS, Lepel, Newelco and Radyne.

Alpha 1 is the ONLY authorized dealer of Newelco service and spare parts in North America.

We send our technicians to your plant with the tools & diagnostic equipment to trouble-shoot your equipment.

Through the initial conversations with your maintenance staff we can anticipate the solution to the problem and bring the probable spare parts required to get you back into production with the least amount of delay.

Training Programs

We offer customer training programs designed around your equipment.

– To train your operators in the proper use of the equipment.

– To train your maintenance staff to troubleshoot the equipment.

This helps you get up and running quicker and aids us by providing valuable information about the problem areas prior to our service people coming to your plant.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Our PM programs are tailored for each individual customer according to equipment, environment, and usage.

Ideally our Service Engineer would schedule a Preventive Maintenance Service Call every six months at your convenience at which time he will perform the following maintenance on your equipment:

  1. Examine complete system for water leaks, deteriorated hoses, water quality and contamination buildup, deteriorated wire insulation, loose wires, electrical arcing, proper grounding, etc. and repair as required.
  2. Clean the inside of the power supply.
  3. Check all safety interlock switches for function.
  4. Check water flow through the power components to ensure adequacy.
  5. Flush each system with acid and refill if needed.
  6. Ensure that all updates are installed on printed circuit boards in accordance with up to date service bulletins.
  7. Check all circuit limits for proper setting.
  8. Check operation of all individual items comprising the total system.
  9. Calibrate meters on power supply to original test spec.
  10. Check complete system in operation for 1 hour.

24 Hour Service Hot Line


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