Heating Coils

Specializing in the manufacture of multi-turn solenoid wound induction heating coils.

Whether it’s for Billet, Bar, Pipe, Wire Brazing, MIQ (Machined Integral Quench), Single or Multi-turn — every coil ALPHA 1 manufactures or services is held to the same rigorous quality standards.

Typically, ALPHA 1’s multi-turn solenoid wound induction heating coils are found forging applications, and wire and susceptor heating applications. Please visit our sister companies in the Inductotherm Group for support with coils in the following applications:


Alpha 1 Induction Service Center, Inc.

1525 Old Alum Creek Drive, Columbus, OH 43209

  • Phone: 614-253-8900

ALPHA 1 Rapidchange Coil Adapter


ALPHA 1 offers Rapidchange Coil Adapters to increase the speed and flexibility of your induction heating operation.



ALPHA 1 AlphaLam

AlphaLam Punched Shape Flux Concentrators focus the flux field to intensify the energy supplied to the area heated with the highest operating temperature rating and interlamellar resistance possible.