Products and Services

Having supplied hundreds of induction forging systems and even more induction coils and coil repairs over our 20 plus year history, Alpha 1 is a well known Inductotherm Group brand name in the forging industry.


While new induction forging systems are supplied by the Inductoheat and IHWT Newelco Inductotherm Group brands, Alpha 1 continues our commitment to providing outstanding customer service to the forging industry.


Browse our products pages and you will see that New Coils, Coil and Transformer Repairs along with Aftermarket Parts and Service are a major part of who we are and what we do.


We have a complete line of handling equipment to get the billets or bars into and out of the forging coils. In conjunction will another of our sister companies Inductotherm Mass Heating Division we have introduced continuous bar line handling equipment as well.


Contact us and let Alpha 1 help you keep your current equipment running, improve your material handling systems, and save you energy and money today.